6 Proven Strategies When PRO SEO is Irish Owned


When a Pro SEO is Irish owned, it will typically service individuals and companies of Ireland as well as surrounding areas. It may also serve additional countries outside of the UK, but the best search engine optimisation companies in Ireland will focus on an Irish niche. If you are an individual or a company in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, and you’re looking for an SEO professional for your blog or website, you’re making a good choice for the present and the future of your company or organization.

Search engine optimisation is the legal techniques employed to bring a website high on a search engine, mainly Google, for its niche and keywords. The higher a website or blog hits Google, the more potential customers it attracts. More potential customers mean the possibility of more actual customers which means more sales and more profits for your products or services.

When you are attempting to have a growing and successful online business, search engine optimisation techniques are imperative. You cannot expect to bring the most significant number of potential customers to your site without being listed prominently on Google.  Follow these 6 proven strategies when proseo.ie is Irish owned.

Learn why SEO Ireland is so valuable.

1. The Content Should Be Written for Your Target Audience 

Let’s say you are a company in Ireland that markets knitwear to tourists. When people visit the famous island in the North Atlantic, they often want to buy a genuine wool sweater or a genuine wool hat to take back home. Therefore, if you were a business of this type, you’d want your content written to target tourists who like wool items. Your content could discuss the history of the items, how they are made, how to care for them, and how to wear them.   Your content should not be discussing content that doesn’t serve your target audience.

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In many cases, website and blog owners do not have the time to write the quality, targeted, original content needed to achieve satisfactory SEO. However, hiring content writers from a professional Irish SEO provider is an excellent way to get the content ghost-written.  You become the owners of the material, free to attribute it to your name, blog or website.  The ghost-writers name or names does not appear on the content.


2. The Content Should Be Well-Written and Original 

As mentioned above, content should not only be targeted but it needs to be of quality, and it needs to be original. That means the material is well-written, contains a sufficient number of keywords and keyword phrases, and is unique. Copying material from other websites is plagiarism and is highly frowned upon by Google. Also, reusing your own content over and over does not keep things fresh and can have a negative impact on attracting customers.

3. The Website or Blog Should Contain Keywords and Keyword Phrases 

An Irish owned search engine optimisation company will be a master at keywords and keyword phrases. These are the bread and butter of strong SEO and are what drives customers to your site. For example, going back to the Irish knitwear example, a keyword phrase could be “genuine Irish sweaters.” These particular keyword phrases would appear wherever it would get the most juice, such as in the content, in videos, in titles, in subtitles, etc. Coming up with the right keywords and keyword phrases is exceptionally tricky. It is one thing that is definitely best left to the professionals unless you are highly skilled at it.

4. Are you on Social Media? 

If you’re not on social media as a website or blog owner of products or services, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. In fact, hiring a PRO SEO Irish owned company to get you started on social media is a smart reason. The best search engine optimisation companies will be knowledgeable of all relevant social media sites and will recommend what sites you should be on.

It is not necessary to appear on all of the sites, nor is it necessarily wise. Facebook is different from Twitter. Twitter is different from Instagram. Instagram is different from Snapchat. An SEO expert will look at your niche and determine where you should be. For example, if you are selling Irish knitwear, the professional will likely recommend that you get on Instagram, for example. This is a site where you can show the public photos of your goods. From there, an expert may advise that you have a presence also on Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t have the time to manage social media accounts, a pro SEO company can help you with that, as well.

5. Is there a Sitemap? 

One of the things that website and blog owners seem to forget is a sitemap. It can’t be stressed enough how a sitemap helps to make navigation clear. When potential customers and current customers come to your website or blog, you don’t want them leaving right away because it’s too difficult to get around the site. A sitemap helps a person easily navigate around a website or blog to get to the information they need.  For example, if a customer wants to go directly to your items for sale, he or she should be able to do that.  If the customer wants to read about your company first in the “About” section, he or she should be able to do that too.

6. Are there Relevant Backlinks? 

The sites that you link to and that link to you is a crucial consideration. Whether you are linking to a website or a site is linking back to you, the outside sites need to be not only of quality, but they need to be relative to your site. Google frowns upon linking to poor quality sites or sites that don’t support your niche.

There are many ways to win at search engine optimisation. To be successful at it, you must target your specific audience and attract them to your site. Let a PRO SEO company Irish owned get you the results you need.